Cover Reveal!

Since it’s been way too long since I updated my blog, I thought I’d share the cover for my upcoming fantasy/adventure/comedy YA series. The small version is on the left, but if you’d like to see it in a larger format click here.

The tentative release date is the end of February 2014 (so this month). The second book in the series is also in the editing stage and will be ready for release at the end of March. After that all bets are off, but you might want to put your money down on the final two or three books being put out in successive months.

Here’s the blurb for your consumption:

A serious fantasy series that doesn’t take itself seriously.

An old man, a young, armor-wearing girl, and a farm boy walk into a story, and this is what you get; a fantasy series of monsters and mayhem, where each day leads them into new troubles and intrigue. Fred is the farm boy, a serf bound to his lord by the debt of his deceased parents. He’s thrown out into the world against his will and into the company of an armored young woman by the name of Pat and her cloaked, bearded companion, Ned. Together they make an unlikely group as they wind their way along the roads of Ralcott, bound for the journey of a lifetime.

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