Publish often, and don’t forget to write

In the wide, wide world of indie publishing, there are a lot of ways to stick out. Advertising, blog tours, free runs, Amazon Select, lighting yourself on fire in the middle of Times Square. One of the most common pieces of advice (and one that’s a little less painful. Well, maybe) is to have a large catalogue of books available for readers through which readers can browse. Offer them a variety pack of your best written (or even your slapped together) novels, novellas, short stories, etc. If they find something they like, they’ll check it out (a.k.a, buy it). Then they might find something else to buy, and soon you’re buried beneath a mountain of cash from those poor suckers, er, readers.

How do you get a catalogue, you might ask? Write. If that’s not enough, write some more. Stick to a schedule for how many words you can get a day (don’t make it too big or you’ll get discouraged). Put that goal into increments and handle it that way. Whatever you do, stick with it and don’t give up.

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