Catalyst Series

The Catalyst series is a 5-book novel series featuring supernatural suspense and familial intrigue, and a great read for anyone who likes a good mystery mixed with some scare!

Click on any of the links to the right or on the drop down menu above for more information on the first parts in the series (other pages will be added when the books are close to ready for publication)!

  1. Catalyst Release | Heidi Willard | Young Adult Fiction Author - pingback on February 27, 2013 at 6:17 pm
  2. Is there going to be another book in the unwilling series? Read all so far and need to read about last stone lol

  3. I’m thoroughly enjoying the catalyst series. I’ve just completed the 3rd book and have already purchased the last 2. I believe they are aimed at young adults and I’m a bit long in the tooth for that title! Can’t wait to start the next book.

    Heidi, my grateful thanks for the fabulous journey. Keep me coming 😛

  4. i love the catalyst and have finished reading all the books there are I’m sad that they have finished.
    I’d like to think they’ve not and Jack and his friends find more spooky and scary things to do! Well to me it seemed as if he and his friends had a lot more to learn about their powers but really I don’t have any complaints about the series only I wish there were more of this series 😃

  5. Can I get all the books in this series for free? 🙂

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