I admit it, my first efforts at writing were for fanfiction stories. Those halcyon days of flame reviews and poor grammar hardened my resolve to learn the art of writing because I knew I wanted to entertain people with my stories. So I climbed into a thesaurus and dictionary, and came out with a new respect for word usage and more distaste for the inconsistent rules of the English language.

Armed with my trusty keyboard and backed up by my spell-checker I marched into the ranks of the self-published authors. Here I aim to stay (mostly because I don’t have any other job), and here I aim to please those readers who like a good epic fantasy filled with humor and adventure.

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  1. HI. You might want to edit the about a little bit.
    Just wanted to mention that I’m currently reading your book, Hawthorn In and I’ve mentioned that this is the case for my nondescript little blog.
    So far I’m enjoying it.

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